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I am a recent Smith alum with a B.A. in clinical psychology and government. Research Assistant at Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress. I am a human rights and anti-genocide activist. Am half Seneca. I love music, reading, protesting, makeup, wolves, elephants, seahorses, cows, unicorns, & more! :)
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Maraschino Jones Watercolor by skinnyandy on Flickr.




This is an example of a feral man (isolated from human communities, raised by animals).

Here are some facts about feral people you probably don’t know.

  • feral children are never able to properly learn human language.
  • once they are passed that critical learning person (from age 2-5) that’s it, it’s over. they will never be able to communicate normally.
  • they are able to communicate with their animal family in ways such as a growl
  • they become integrated with the environment. 
  • for example, the case of the Victor of Aveyron, was a feral boy. when brought into a warm home, he hated it. he tried to escape numerous times and frolicked around naked in the snow. 
  • feral children may never learn how to walk upright because as said before they passed the critical learning period
  • they show disinterest around the people around them, and prefer the companion of their animal family
  • their skin and feet have evolved to suit their respective environment. for example, strong calluses at the feet for running around the forest. 

What do you do if you look up and see homeboy running at you like that?

That’s fucking scary to think about.

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When your husband takes your shoes off after telling him that you’re having severe bladder spasms… And tells you not to go to the grocery store, and that he’ll get anything needed on his break at work. <3

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Chronic illness resource list




It occurred to me that it might be a good idea to have a list of resources for people dealing with chronic conditions. Below is a list of everything I’ve found helpful over the past 9 years - if you have additions, reblog and add…

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"The goal of colonialism is not just to kill colonized peoples, but to destroy their sense of being people. It is through sexual violence that a colonizing group attempts to render a colonized people as inherently rapable, their lands inherently invadable, and their resources inherently extractable."

Heteropatriarchy, A Building Block of Empire — Andrea Smith (via whitedenial-ontrial)

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